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TastyCast presents

The Appropriate Stream by DJ Appropriate

Update October 2007: I've turned The Appropriate Stream off. It's been years of 24-7 goodness, and the time has come to take a break. But it will be back someday. In the meantime, you can still hire DJ Appropriate for any event, large or small. (The stream was always a labor-of-love expense because I paid for royalties and a bandwidth provider. I'll relaunch it once I can cut out the middlemen but still pay the artists.)

There's much more to come, so stay tuned. For the best of streaming radio, check out the rest of the Guide. Oh yeah, and you can hire DJ Appropriate via email.

The Appropriate Stream Update History

10/2/07  The stream is on hiatus. Stay tuned, it'll be back eventually...

8/11/07  Added about 33 tracks. Started preperations for the stream to go on sabbatical.

7/4/07  Added about 50 tracks. Removed my "Eclectic Mix" genre from the "structured randomization" playlist.

4/13/07  Added another 50 tracks.

3/17/07  Added about 40 tracks.

12/2006  Added some funky XMas stuff for 12/20-31, then removed.

11/25/06  Added about 40 tracks.

10/22/06  Fixed a bug which made the IDs play way too often.

10/15/06  Added about 25 tracks. Removed most of the hiphop from the rotation (tell me if you want it back!).

9/4/06  Added about 50 tracks.

8/16/06  Added 75 tracks. Improved reporting. Minor server upgrades.

5/12/06  Added 40 tracks.

4/26/06  Added 122 tracks.

3/19/06  Added 48 tracks.

2/3/06  Increased no-repeat window to 5 days.

1/22/06  Added about 60 tracks.

1/6/06  Began testing a second "What's Playing Now" page, at

12/26/05  Removed holiday tracks.

12/14/05  Added about 125 tracks, and a few holiday funky tunes. Increased no-repeat window to 4 days.

10/27/05  Added about 50 tracks.

9/4/05  Added about 40 songs by New Orleans artists. NO music is immortal.

8/19/05  Added another 75 tracks.

7/14/05  Added 50 tracks. Increased no-repeat window to 3 days, tweaked "structured randomization" system.

6/17/05  Added a few dozen tracks to the rotation.

5/23/05  Added another fifty tracks to the rotation. Updated hundreds of tracks' ID3 tags for more info.

5/20/05  Multiple upgrades to streaming server. Minor audio quality improvement, and more users will see titles in their stream player.

4/15/05  Added about a hundred tracks.

3/8/05  Added a few hundred new tracks, current rotation is about 6 days of music with a two-day no-repeat window. Also a few server upgrades.

2/24/05  Minor improvements to the "What's Playing" page.

1/1/05  Updated regular playlist with more tracks. Removed holiday songs.

12/20/04  Added a few funky holiday songs to the playlist for the week.

10/7/04  Added a bunch of new tracks. Minor updates to server and library.

8/26/04  Upgraded server. Major update to build larger music library, now holds 14.5 days of music. Current rotation is 5.5 days of music.

6/28/04  Built active "What's Playing" page with links to purchase tracks.

6/22/04  Upgraded to new streaming server, increased listener capacity.

6/2004  Built all-new streaming server, with a library of dozens of genres, replacing the previous playlist of Silent Way clients. New custom "structured randomization" system keeps sequences fresh yet contextually appropriate. 2-day minimum between repeats.

10/16/2000  Launched stream with exclusive, unreleased tracks by Silent Way Recording clients.


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